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Real Property Law Services in Orlando, Florida

What is Real Property?
Real property is any immovable property attached directly to land in addition to the land itself. Any piece of land that has been improved with legal human action falls under the umbrella of real property. Real property differs from personal property on the basis of personal property being movable.
What Does Real Property Law Encompass?
Assessing the rights between homeowners and mortgage holders, landlords and tenants, and people and governments is a large part of real property law. Real property agreements can be simple arrangements between two people or complicated affairs dealing with multiple parties all with different interests.
Another major facet of real property law deals with developing real estate and property investments. Drafting contracts, negotiating prices and seeing that development and investments are carried out are all parts of intricate real property deals.
Having the counsel of a qualified real property lawyer can guide you through these complex proceedings, helping you arrange a fair trade that falls squarely within the bounds of the law.
Consulting an Attorney
Real property law overlaps with a number of other areas of law. Things like business law, probate, estate planning and bankruptcy are all affected by existing real property law frameworks that may interact with other agreements. As this area of law is so expansive, consulting an attorney is an important part of protecting yourself and your assets from any legal snafus that may occur down the line.
Let Allan C. Draves Help
With over 30 years of experience, Allan C. Draves provides expert counsel to ensure your real property deals are fair and sound. If you have questions about any real property issues, give our office a call to schedule a free initial consultation.