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High-End Real Estate Kitchen - real estate lawyer orlando fl


Real estate transactions and agreements are usually significant life events. It is important that your interests are well-represented and protected.
Estate Plan - wills, trusts, estates and probate lawyer orlando fl
You’ve worked hard to build an estate for your family. Establishing a will gives peace of mind to both you and your loved ones.  
Contract Signing - contract lawyer orlando fl


When crafting or evaluating contracts, it is important to have an experienced attorney looking out for your best interests.
Attorney at law - attorney and counselor at law orlando fl

Allan C. Draves, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Orlando, FL 

Do you need an attorney?

Attorney Allan C. Draves has over 30 years of experience in practicing law. Located in Orlando, Allan C. Draves has been providing quality legal services to the central Florida area since 1980, making a valued name for himself.
The question may be its own answer. If you don't know what your next step should be, whether it relates to a real property transaction, the death of a relative or loved one, the making or changing of a will, probate of an estate, a contract, a lease, the purchase or sale of a business, or any other matter in which you are inexperienced or unsure, you may want to consult an attorney.