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An Experienced Practitioner of Real Estate Law in Orlando, Florida

Personalized Service, Effective Representation
Allan C. Draves specializes in a wide array of real estate law. Real estate transactions and agreements are usually significant life events, and he works to ensure that each of his clients receives the attention they deserve and the results they desire.
Closing a real estate deal is arguably the most important part of any real estate transaction. As the title passes from seller to buyer, it’s in everyone’s best interest to have an attorney examine the terms of the agreement and oversee the execution of required documents. Having an experienced attorney like Allan C. Draves on your side ensures that you are receiving the best deal possible.
As a general rule, having an attorney examine any legally binding contract before you enter into one is in your best interest. In addition to reviewing any binding documents, having an attorney helps you negotiate the terms and agreements, ensuring all parties are in accordance.​
 An easement is an agreement that arises from a party requiring use of another’s land without having to own it. A common type of easement is the establishment of a route of travel through an individual’s property that blocks another location — to reach another party’s own property or a public beach, for example.
Easements can be a complicated (perhaps even touchy) subject. Involving an attorney early in the process can be beneficial for all parties involved. The experience and know-how that attorneys bring to the table ensures fruitful negotiation and makes certain that the legal processes are carried out in the correct manner.
Facing foreclosure can be exasperating. Though things may appear to be dire, an experienced attorney can help you explore your options and ensure that your rights are protected. 
As each state’s foreclosure laws vary, a local attorney will be able to offer the best advice for your particular situation. Keep in mind that foreclosures in Florida are judicial, meaning they are required to go through the state court system. If you are facing foreclosure, Allan C. Draves can help protect you while you navigate the process.
Regardless of whether you are a landlord or tenant, having quality legal counsel to protect you is important. When disputes arise, having a qualified attorney on your side means that your best interests are protected and that the matter can be solved quickly, letting your life return to normal.
For someone unfamiliar with Florida court processes, the undertaking can be full of frustration and unexpected problems. If you are suing, being sued or have been called as a witness, having qualified legal representation fighting for your best interests will help the process run as smoothly as possible and the outcome be a fair one.
Sale of Real Estate
Along with a robust knowledge of financial and legal processes, building a sound real estate deal requires meticulous attention to detail. Hiring an attorney to help you structure your next real estate deal makes certain that the negotiations go smoothly and that the agreement is carried out with precision.

Allan C. Draves Is on Your Side
When it comes to Florida real estate law, Allan C. Draves can offer his 30+ years of legal experience to your cause, ensuring your real estate interests are well-represented and protected. Reach out today to begin the process.